The rise of Internet era is invisibly engulfing the real value and sense of presence of brand and culture. However, brand and culture need time and deposition after screening. SOULGOODS hopes to bring people’s attention back to itself and culture itself, tap its own potential again and continue to pursue the existence of glamour and meaning. SOULGOODS only choose brands with great personality and background story from all over the world. Every pieces of clothing has it’s own story and meaning no matter if it’s limited or not.


Created in 2016 by Gming and creative director Yue WU, Soulgoods aim is to shift the idea of “Made in China” products to reflect style and culture to a new generation. In their first drop, influence is taken from an array of different sources such as old school hip-hop figures The Fantastic Five, punk rock vocalist Darby Crash, and even features a shirt with Prince in his high school basketball jersey. One tee in particular even sports a candid shot of Chinese pop star Teresa Teng.